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Installation Process

Once the agreement has been signed our people will do a site inspection to verify the ground conditions and confirm the positioning of the weighbridge.

After receiving the agreed deposit into our bank account the civil works on site will be done.

The agreement determents the installation date but usually within 10 working days after we have received the deposit in to our account

Installation will take us typically 3-4 days (excluding concrete ramps)

Day 1

The weighbridge will be loaded on the trucks with a 60 tone crane at our factories. Because of the weight of these platforms we always need transport permits to travel on the public roads.

Day 2

Arrive at the client’s site and a 60 tone crane will offload the weighbridge and place it directly in the correct position on the complete civil works area and the installation process start immediately.

Day 3

Weighbridge should be fully installed and all the electronic equipment IE indicator, PC & software will be connected and initial calibration will start.

If concrete ramps needs to be built the boxes for the concrete will be constructed.

Day 4

Final testing of the weighbridge will take place with a full calibration test and weighing off clients trucks including the printing of the weigh bills. Full on site training to the client’s operators with operation manuals and sign off by the client. Concrete ramps will be finalized

Weighbridge Installation Process