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Mine Vehicle Weighbridge

CWCSA is Africas largest supplier of mine vehicle weighbridges and we have designs to suit all applications, including mine vehicles and custom off-road vehicles.

CWCSA has several mine vehicle weighbridge installations around South Africa and you are welcome to contact us for references. All mine vehicle weighbridges are designed and certified by an engineer experienced with weighbridge technology and applications.

The mine vehicle weighbridge is a specialised weighbridge, fully designed and manufactured in South Africa. CWCSA is the ONLY weighbridge company that can design and manufacture mine vehicle weighbridges according to your needs. The CWCSA range of mining truck scales are the ultimate in weighing technology for off-road heavy haulage applications. Each system is designed to optimize accuracy and efficiency of use, and is built to last!

CSCSA also provides the complete range of weighbridge peripherals and add-on systems, including wireless communication of weight readings to a remote office, and software solutions.

Truck and Vehicle Weighbridges / Scale

Product (Type Length (M) Platforms (No.) Platform Combination (M) Nominal Capacity (MT) Approved Capacity (MT) Width Range (M) GVM or Static Weight Single Axle Weighing
PL-11 DD 11 4 5,5 + 5,5 (1)
5,5 + 5,5 (2)
200 250 Up to 10m Yes
PL-18 DD 18 6 6 + 6 + 6 (1)
6 + 6 + 6 (2)
200 250 Up to 10m Yes