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Multi Deck for GVM or Static Weight Only

CWCSA has the capability to design & build any type & size weighbridge or scale you need

These weighbridges/scales can be pit mount or above ground. This is the very best in technology suitable for axel bridges/scales for farmers/boere, heavy duty trucks. All these different weighbridge/scales can be moveable or portable bridges.

These weighbridges and scales are the Rolls-Royces of the industry.

These weighbridges/scale equipment is the most advance digital weigh indicator/instrument and software available in the market today and is a proudly South Africa design and locally manufactured.

Truck and Vehicle Weighbridges / Scale

Product (Type)
Length (M)
Platforms (No.)
Platform Combination (M)
Nominal Capacity (MT)
Approved Capacity (MT)
Width Range (M)
GVM or Static Weight
Single Axle Weighing
Multiple Axle Weighing
PL-2222211, 11601202.5 - 4Yes
PL-2424212, 12601202.5 - 4Yes
PL-3333311, 11, 11801602.5 - 4Yes
PL-222244 x 5.5601202.5 - 4Yes
PL-242444 x 6601202.5 - 4Yes