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Rail/Road Combination for Train and Vehicle Loading Solutions

CWCSA has the capability to design and build any type and size weighbridge or scale you need

This is a very specialised weighbridge and fully designed and manufactured in South Africa. CWCSA is the ONLY weighbridge company that can design and manufacture rail weighbridges according to your needs.

“Static and In-Motion Train, Truck and Vehicle Weighing” is a very specialized field, and Trakblaze is the only company in the world that have the most comprehensive range of Train, Truck and Vehicle scales and weighing equipment

Rail / Road Weighbridges

Product (Type) Length (M) Platforms (No.) Platform Combination (M) Nominal Capacity (MT) Approved Capacity (MT) Width Range (M) GVM or Static Weight Single Axle Weighing Multiple Axle Weighing
PLT-13 13 2 60 60 Std rail Yes
PLT-18 18 2 9,9 60 60 Std rail Yes