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Track Weigh

The Lowest cost Train Weighing System in the World, by far. UK Manufactured by Experts in Train Weighing Technology. Available Globally for all Rail and Train Combinations.

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Main Features:

No Foundations Required. No New Rails. No Specialist Work Required.

  • Low cost.
  • Portable or Static.
  • Easy and simple to install 1 Hour, and 10 minutes to de commission.
  • Can be sold as a kit, for self-install and fitted with minimal guide.
  • No foundations required.
  • No alterations to the track, i.e. no welding, cutting
  • Unique weighing modules can fit onto any known track.
  • High accuracy dynamic weighing in both directions, 0.5% or better.
  • Major cost savings over traditional inline systems.
  • Low cost maintenance. Virtually Nil.
  • Prevents over-loads and under-loads of trains.
  • Trains can be loaded to their capacity with high accuracy weighing.
  • No under loaded wagons, saving huge expense.
  • Easy to use and Optional Fully Automated.
  • Every individual wheel, axle and wagon weight can be shown.
  • Tag system compatible.
  • Weight terminal has easy transfer of data (USB PDA etc.) or print direct to an attached printer.
  • Light weight, less than 20kg for the entire system.


Dynamic – In Motion Portable Train Weighing

Dynamic Train Weighing System | CWCSA
Installation time 1 hour / Removal time 20mins.
Only one Technician required.
No need for foundations, the scale simply connects to the rail without cutting, or welding etc. No alterations in any way to the existing track.
No specialised tools required.

The scale fits any rail track with a minimal internal web clearance of 60mm, no special adapters required for use on other rails, in essence the scale could be fitted in “flat bottom rail 113a” then moved to “bull head rail 95lb” in under 2hrs with only a calibration check needed!

A low cost Train Weighbridge that gives the customer full confidence in weighing accuracy. The Track Weigh in Motion Portable or Fixed Train Weigh system can be fitted directly to your existing track without the need for expensive track alterations. The design of our Track Weigh in Motion Portable or fixed Train Weigh system allows for weighing accuracy of 0.5% – 1.0% dependent on track conditions. With no parts of the Track Weigh in Motion Train Weigh system coming into contact with the train during the weighing process this gives an even greater confidence in the longevity of the Weigh system. Plus no chance of impact damage to either the train or the Unit.

Train Weighing System Set Up | CWCSA
Track Weigh set up for Dynamic weighing.

Static Weighing

has the option of being used as a “static weighbridge” multiple weigh units can be fitted under each wheel of the wagon making a low cost solution to a potentially expensive one. Wagons could be loaded in situ with the train scale still having the option to weigh in dynamic mode. The scale may require movement of sleepers to accommodate the scales, no foundations are required.

Multiple Train Weighing System | CWCSA

Ideally this part of our Track Weigh range is suited to the accurate weighing of individual units, whether that be loco’s or wagons in a test yard or for the filling of wagons under a hopper type system. As the requirements of each individual customer vary as to what they need from their Track Weigh Static Weigh Bridge we tailor make the system to suit.

Static Weighbridge for filling wagons


The Track Weigh Static Weigh Bridge can be fixed directly to your existing track without the need for expensive track alterations. The design of our Track Weigh Static Train Weigh Bridge allows for weighing accuracy of 0.5% – 1.0% dependent on track conditions.

Load cells under each wheel to be weighed.

Weigh Ticket

Our Track Weigh Indicator allows for the weighing of fully loaded trains weights, individual wagon weights, individual axle weights and even individual wheel weights. All weighing results are stored in the Track Weigh Indicator and can be either printed / down loaded to a computer (excel based spread sheet) or transferred to a memory stick or any following alternatives: USB, WIFI, PDA, RS232, RS485 or simply print out direct to the optional printer GSE 562.

Train Weighing system can be run on batteries or mains power, making the scale very versatile for hard to reach locations. The System is built to withstand the harshest environments, from Artic conditions to the heat of the hottest Tropical climates.


The DPS is an unmanned or manned system that can identify individual wheel loadings. The system will raise an alarm if any wheels or axles are out of a pre-set tolerance input by the user.

Health and Safety is optimised with the DPS’ built in Centre of Gravity system. This makes identifying load errors, wheel and suspension faults quick and simple prior to trains leaving the depot.

The DPS System is especially useful for providing peace of mind that the train, carriages and cargo are safe. All data can be stored internally on the DPS for downloading to a PC or USB stick and/or printed for records of the readings to be signed off and stored for future reference. The recorded data can easily be integrated into ISO quality systems.


Errors will automatically flag up at the end of the report identifying the wheel/wheels, axles, wagons outside tolerance.