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Ground Preparation


The requirement for the ground at the installation site to be completely level has been removed. If required CWCSA will supervise the preparation of the site prior to installation to ensure that it conforms to specifications and that good practice is ensured.


The typical minimum requirements for the installation of a basic 22m weighbridge at a site with a loose surface is an area of with overall dimensions measuring 30m in length, 5m in width with a tight bedding depth of 60cm.

Hard surfaces

Existing suitable concrete or asphalt surfaces suffice in terms of the minimum requirements.


Installation of a weighbridge / scale can take between 4 to 5 days once the preparations at the site are concluded.


The typical cost of the preparation of a site with tight bedding is of the order of R18, 000. This represents a reduction that is approximately 80% to 90% more efficient than what is generally expected.


The ease of preparation and installation minimizes the interruption at the installation site and allows the customer to easily continue with their normal operations during the installation of the weighbridge or scale.

Civil Works



Concrete plinths to a maximum of 1000mm x 1000mm x 400mm for each shear beam load sell/weigh cell depending on the tightness of the ground.

entry wall in position

entry wall view

entry walls

Entry walls are provided as part of every weighbridge or scale that we install. The client supply G5 gravel or concrete to full the entry walls to become a ramp.


Makoya (14)


Concrete ramps of 6000mm x 3500mm x 430mm The typical cost of a ramp is of the order of R40,000.