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Weighbridges and Scales Features

Sector suitability

CWCSA weighbridges/scales are suitable for all business sectors with no modification required.


An accuracy level of 20kg is achieved in terms of the minimum set out by the NRCS.

Wiring integrity

All the wiring of the weighbridge and scales is contained in casings inside the platform and conforms to the protection system of IP-67 and IP-68.

Design load

The 22m and 11m weighbridges and scales can accept a mass of up to 100 and 60 metric tons respectively.

Load cell and weight cell positioning

The shear beam load cells/weigh cells are installed approximately 1.5 meters from the weighbridge/scale ends resulting in protection from mud and water from vehicles being deposited on the load cells.

Load distribution

The robustness and stiffness of the platform results in the load being evenly distributed over the platform and not being concentrated on a specific load cell/weigh cell point, enabling CWCSA to offer real time calibration.

Safety guide rails

The weighbridge/scale sides have a 250mm high edge rail that guides the vehicles and prevents them driving off the weighbridge/scale. At the entrances the rails are designed to prevent damage to the tyres of the vehicles.


The system has 29 International standard certifications including, ISO9000/9001, OIML, R-60, NIST, RFI, MUTUAL SYSTEM, N.E.T.P, EX PROOF.